Great news!

We have been very busy lately with creating an English version of Een Onbreekbare Band, the stand-alone story in the Drägan Duma series. After months of translating (by the great Caroline Mackie), editing, researching, creating a reader-magnet and looking for the best cover design, we can finally say: this summer An Unbreakable Bond will become available world-wide in paperback and e-book!

Patty with the Dutch version of An Unbreakable Bond

At the moment, we are working hard on the final details and we will keep you updated as much as possible through this page (hit the follow button to stay on top of any news) and of course trough our social media channels.

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For now, we will share the blurb with you:

An Unbreakable Bond: a tale that takes place about 330 years ago.

From the ashes of our devastated lives, we shall rise again. Stronger than ever before…

The dragons have fled from the Outerworld but their new home is being torn apart by the war with the Morbids. In desperation, they join forces with humanity to resist their mutual enemy.

The adventurous Feniksa Drakena lives with her family in Castle Silverfang. They are one of the most powerful families in the world and Feniksa has been raised in preparation of becoming Lady of the Castle and rule over the adjoining estates. But she has grown to hate the life reserved for her and rebels against her parents.

When Feniksa is chosen by Danaleth, a green dragon, she grasps her chance to escape to the dragannymarai and live her life free of responsibilities.
But dragonknights also have responsibilities, duties indeed, and when these collide with her family loyalties, she finds herself faced with an almost impossible decision…

An Unbreakable Bond is a story filled with difficult choices, fear of the unknown, deep-set bonds and a desperate battle for survival.

Available: Summer of 2023!


5 thoughts on “Great news!

  1. Patty, Now this is great news! You are moving fast! I look forward to “An Unbreakable Bond” becoming available this summer world-wide in paperback and e-book! When the time comes, I am sure there will be a way for me to purchase your book! Best wishes for success! Phil

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