About Drägan Duma

Drägan Duma is the parallel world where the story largely takes place. Drägan Duma means “Dragon Peace” in the Original Language, a language that is sometimes still used nowadays.

Apart from people, dragons, wood creatures who can see the future and strange plants and animals, this world is also populated by the evil Morbids and their mounts, the Scaleless.

On Drägan Duma, people mainly live from agriculture, fishing and barter trade as was the case with us centuries ago.

Bloodlines, origin and family are very important on Drägan Duma and largely determine someone’s social status. Dragonknights have a high status because they protect the villages against attacks. They are the leaders of Drägan Duma.

Artwork made by Dominik Broniek, the cover artist of the books.

The largely primitive life gives an old-fashioned atmosphere. People are still transported by horse and cart or with boats on the water. The dragonknights choose to travel with their dragons.
Drägan Duma consists largely of untouched nature. Mountains cover the north and west, but the south and east mainly consist of grasslands and beaches.

There are four Clans of Drägannymarai (dragonknights) on Drägan Duma. The Dragon Stone Clan in the west, the Dragons Mountain Clan in the north, the Dragons Roar Clan in the east and the Dragons Claw Clan in the south.

Most of the time people use our language on Drägan Duma. The Original Language is still used for exceptional ceremonial occasions. This language dates from the time before the dragons arrived from our world on Drägan Duma.

Oath of Dedication

For now, for eternity. Our souls connected.

Together we shall fight for freedom and preservation.

The Morbids and Scaleless still use the Original Language because they are not influenced by the dragons.

“The Void” exist between our world and Drägan Duma. It’s a place between the worlds where there is no light, sound or feeling.

The dragons and Scaleless are able to travel through The Void between the two worlds because of Portals which connect both worlds.

Drägan Duma – 330 years ago.

In the time of Feniksa (from An Unbreakable Bond) Drägan Duma looked very different.
The world was then called Xydoyla, which means “World” in the Original Language. Also, the names of most villages were still in the Original Language.