About the author

Just because something exists in your fantasy and dreams, doesn’t mean it isn’t real!

Patty van Delft (1981) is born and raised in The Hague. She was a teacher for years before she became a full-time writer. She virtually devoured books from a very young age and has always written short stories and poems.
Reading and writing Fantasy is one of her greatest passions, because not many things can compete with escaping reality and losing yourself in a world filled with heroes, dragons and magic.

Her Fantasy trilogy Drägan Duma, brought out by Celtica Publishing, has many enthusiastic readers already. This series is aimed at a wide public but essentially, Young Adults.

Her Fantasy trilogy Drägan Duma, published by Celtica Publishing, already has many enthusiastic readers. The series is aimed at a wider public but essentially, young adults.
The trilogy consists of: Rise of the Listener, Trust & Betrayal and The Black Crystal.

A prequel to the trilogy, no. 4 in the series, was published in 2018: An Unbreakable Bond. The story takes place 330 years prior to the period in which the trilogy runs, and tells how the bond between humans and dragons came into being.


Hebban Fantasy Awards

The Hebban Fantasy Awards were held on 26 October 2014. Rise of the Listener (book 1 in the Drägan Duma series) was nominated for the public’s prize and gained a none too shabby third place.



Patty also writes Dark Poetry in English and you can find her work at http://www.petitemagique.wordpress.com.

Besides writing, Patty likes photography, painting, sports, games and of course, reading.

Did you know?

Patty loves wolves and crocodiles.

Her favorite food is Italian.

Her favorite season is summer.

Patty always climbed trees when she was younger.

She loves dragons!

Her favorite music genre is rock.

Patty’s favorite movie is Die Hard.

She thinks that white roses are the most beautiful flowers.