Drägan Duma is a compelling fantasy series about courage, friendship, despair, trust and inner strength that takes you to a world you never want to leave.

Although the books are set in a high fantasy setting with strange creatures and magic, the struggles the characters have to go through are very relatable. The books are written from a first person perspective, either human or dragon, because the dragons are true characters in this series.

Some books and short stories can be read on their own, others are part of a larger tale, but they are all connected to the Drägan Duma universe.

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Out now: Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is the first short story set inside the Drägan Duma universe and takes place before the novel An Unbreakable Bond.

About 340 years ago… The people of our world hunt dragons out of fear. Because the magic is fading, they are no longer able to communicate with each other. The dragon race is on the verge of extinction when one of the dragons accidentally finds a portal to another world. Could there be room there to live in peace?
It will take a lot of courage and a leap of faith to find out…

A short story from the perspective of the dragons.

*With 2 chapters of An Unbreakable Bond!

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Coming soon: An Unbreakable Bond

A tale that takes place 330 years ago…

From the ashes of our devastated lives, we shall rise again. Stronger than ever before…

The dragons have fled from the Outerworld but their new home is being torn apart by the war with the Morbids. In desperation, they join forces with humanity to resist their mutual enemy.

The adventurous Feniksa Drakena lives with her family in Castle Silverfang. They are one of the most powerful families in the world and Feniksa has been raised in preparation of becoming Lady of the Castle and rule over the adjoining estates. But she has grown to hate the life reserved for her and rebels against her parents.

When Feniksa is chosen by Danaleth, a green dragon, she grasps her chance to escape to the Dragannymarai and live her life free of responsibilities.
But dragonknights also have responsibilities, duties indeed, and when these collide with her family loyalties, she finds herself faced with an almost impossible decision…

An Unbreakable Bond is a story filled with difficult choices, fear of the unknown, deep-set bonds and a desperate battle for survival.

  • An Unbreakable Bond
  • Paperback: 9789083338309
  • e-book: 9789083338316
  • Release date: July 01, 2023
  • Author: Patty van Delft
  • Translator: Caroline Mackie of LWD Tranlations & Editing
  • Publisher: Wings & Gears Publishing