About the books

Drägan Duma is a compelling fantasy trilogy about courage, friendship, despair, trust and inner strength that takes you to a world you never want to leave.

*Only available in Dutch at this time.*

Book 1 – Rise of the Listener

Blood against the window…

Jill’s nights are haunted by a recurring nightmare about the car accident in which she lost her mother. She has never known her father. Her only inheritance that gives her any consolation is a mysterious locket that she can’t get to open.

On the day of Jill’s sixteenth birthday, a number of quite inexplicable things happen and that night, as she looks out of her window, she is stunned to see a dragon!
Convinced that she is dreaming, she decides to go outside.
She meets Jordian, a boy from the parallel world ‘Drägan Duma’, who tells Jill that she is eligible by her father’s bloodline to become a ‘Drägannymare’ – a dragonknight.

She has only a few days to decide if she wants to leave everything behind and make the switch to this magical world where the people have made a pact with dragons to fight off the evil Morbids.

Rise of the Listener is the first installment of a captivating fantasy trilogy, about a mysterious world where Jill is burdened with a heavy responsibility.
A tale where sadness and loss play an essential role, but friendship, love and heroism are of equal import. Far away from the world she knows, Jill discovers who she really is.

Book 2 – Trust & Betrayal

In the battle for freedom, betrayal comes from within…

The Morbids have finally been beaten back and their master is furious. He must forge new plans to take over power.

Having decided to take the plunge into Drägan Duma, Jill has escaped her rather turbulent existence on Earth and actually dares to enjoy life. However, all too soon in this parallel world, scary and sinister times loom ahead. It transpires that Jill is predestined to the be next leader of Dragon Stone, but is she really ‘The Listener’ of whom the prophecies foretell? The Wise of the Woods warns her of a traitor amongst those she had only just learned to trust. Who, among those close to her, is conspiring with the enemy?

The war against the Soulsnatcher and his Morbids explodes into being. Improbable alliances must be forged in order to survive.

Trust & Betrayal is part two of Patty van Delft’s compelling trilogy and the exciting incidents follow one after the other. Loss, courage, sorrow and her difficult relationship with the mysterious dragonknight Skylar, change Jill’s finals year into a rollercoaster of experiences.

Book 3 – The Black Crystal

Gold and silver, united forever…

Jill and Skylar have left everything behind, with the aim of destroying the Black Crystal on the Outerworld. This mysterious object binds the people of Drägan Duma to the evil sorcerer, Morbiston.

With only a couple of clues they must start their quest on a world where magic generally attracts all the wrong kinds of attention. And just how do you conceal a dragon in a world where mythical beings are no longer prevalent?

While the Soulsnatcher and his Morbids continue to sow death and destruction on Drägan Duma, Jill and Skylar begin their race against the clock. An erratic connection to the Outerworld plagues them, and various misfortunes make their mission even more difficult than expected.

As was foretold, Morbiston can only be defeated by combining magic with trust. However, Jill gradually begins to lose her self-confidence.
Can she set aside her worries and doubts to finally put an end to Morbiston’s dark powers once and for all?

The Black Crystal is the final book of the trilogy by Dutch writer Patty van Delft. It’s the finale to an explanatory tale of faith in friends, inner strength, sacrifice and life-long attachments.

Prequel – An Unbreakable Bond

A tale that takes place 330 years prior to the period in which the trilogy runs.

From the ashes of our devastated lives, we shall rise again. Stronger than ever before…

The dragons have fled from the Outerworld but their new home is being torn apart by the war with the Morbids. In desperation, they join forces with humanity to resist their mutual enemy.

The adventurous Feniksa Drakena lives with her family in Castle Silverfang. They are one of the most powerful families in the world and Feniksa has been raised in preparation of becoming Lady of the Castle and rule over the adjoining estates. But she has grown to hate the life reserved for her and rebels against her parents.

When Feniksa is chosen by Danaleth, a green dragon, she grasps her chance to escape to the Dragannymarai and live her life free of responsibilities.
But dragonknights also have responsibilities, duties indeed, and when these collide with her family loyalties, she finds herself faced with an almost impossible decision…

An Unbreakable Bond is set 330 years before the original Drägan Duma trilogy. It’s a story filled with difficult choices, fear of the unknown, deep-set bonds and a desperate battle for survival.

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